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Informational Memoranda

Please note that the Office issues memoranda in numerical order each 历年. There are instances where it appears some numbers were skipped or memoranda are missing; however, in those instances, the Department of Financial Services (DFS) has used the "missing" number for one of its Official Memoranda or Bulletins. The DFS memoranda and bulletins are available on its website.




OIR-22-01M New 住宅 Property Claims Litigation Reporting Requirements for the Implementation of Senate Bill 76 1/10/2022
OIR-21-01M Behavioral Health Care Services Coverage and Access 10/15/2021
OIR-20-07M Guidance for Hurricane Preparedness and Response 6/25/2020
OIR-20-06M Telehealth and Pharmacy Audit Guidance for Response to COVID-19 4/6/2020
OIR-20-05M Workers' Compensation Insurance Guidance Related to COVID-19 4/6/2020
OIR-20-04M Continued Guidance for Response to COVID-19 3/25/2020
OIR-20-03M Guidance for Business Continuity and Continuity of Operations Plans 3/16/2020
OIR-20-01M Insurance Coverage for Coronavirus (COVID-19) 3/6/2020
OIR-19-04M Hurricane Michael Claims Response 7/25/2019
OIR-19-03M Pharmacy Benefit Manager Contract Requirements 7/19/2019
OIR-19-02M Changes to Assignment of Benefits Law 6/14/2019
OIR-19-01M Policyholders Impacted By Hurricane Michael 1/8/2019
OIR-18-01M Hurricane Michael Claims Response 12/19/2018
2016 Profit and Contingency Factors 10/19/2017
OIR-17-01M Engaging a Third Party to Provide Services 2/7/2017
OIR-16-07M Deductible Applicable to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hermine Claims 10/3/2016
OIR-16-06M Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Program Managed Medical Assistance Program (MMA) 9/1/2016
OIR-16-05M Implementation of Principle Based Reserving in Florida 8/8/2016
OIR-16-04M 2015 Profit and Contingency Factors 6/7/2016
OIR-16-03M The use of unfiled side agreements in conjunction with workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance policies applicable to risks and exposures in Florida. 5/24/2016
OIR-16-02M Electronic Submission of Report of Rescinded Policies 4/4/2016
OIR-16-01M Quarterly Comprehensive Health Reporting 3/30/2016
OIR-15-08M Maturity Dates, Extension and Annuitization 12/15/2015
OIR-15-07M Risk Corridors Receivables and Statement of Statutory Accounting Principles Number 107 10/8/2015
OIR-15-06M Medicare Supplement Policies in Florida 7/28/2015
OIR-15-05M Guidance to HMOs Operating in Florida Regarding Financial Solvency Reporting Requirements 5/15/2015
OIR-15-04M Use of Price Optimization in Premium Determination 5/14/2015
OIR-15-03M 2014 Underwriting Profit and Contingency Factors 4/24/2015
OIR-15-02M Changes to Electronic Filing Process of Quarterly Supplemental Report (QUASR) 3/27/2015
OIR-15-01M Automatically Charging Consumers For Ancillary Travel Insurance Without Consumers’ Informed Consent Prohibited 2/03/2015
OIR-14-05M Family Tier Rating for Small Group Products in Florida 8/26/2014
OIR-14-04M Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Certain Emergency Assessments Terminated 7/21/2014
OIR-14-03M Emergency Response to Panhandle Storm Victims 5/2/2014
OIR-14-02M I-File System Changes and the filing of Trade Secret documents. 5/2/2014
OIR-14-01M The crime victims exemption, and the Florida Crimes Compensation Act. 4/8/2014

Historical Informational Memoranda 2003-2013


The Legislature created the Office of Insurance Regulation on January 1, 2003.